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30 min. Intuitive Reading and Painting

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This Intuitive Reading and Symbolic Painting focuses on any questions, situations or considerations you may have in lifDuring an online session I will tune into your situation and answer your questions. During the session , I will draw a sketch, which after the session will be turned into a digital painting

The session will be at Skype, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp etc.


  • Pay for the session
    • You'll  receive an email with instructions on how to book and schedule your session.
    • I will call you on the day and time of your session at the messenger/skype address/ WhatsApp or Viber number you provide.
    • After the session you will receive your digital Life Painting (jpg + pdf for print) within 3 days.
    • If you would need me to print the painting, an extra printing+ shipping fee, will be added.
    • In case you need any help concerning having your painting printed yourself, I’ll be happy to help you, like finding a local printer store or any other technical concernes you might have. This service is for free.
    • Finally, in case you would like to have your picture produced as a real painting, I offer this as an acrylic painting. 

    I am looking forward to hear from you!