Does imagining and visualizing help you get what you wish in life?

Imagining future events has always been a part of me. I love to create scenarios in my life.

However, you might ask; Does this really help or work?

Well, according to decades of experience, I would certainly say YES, it surely does!

Since I was a child and my parents took me on beautiful trips to Southern Europe, I became very fascinated by new places, countries and cities.

So, at rainy, grey winter days in my home country, Denmark, I would sit and visualize all kind of exotic places. I would also draw them and write about them.

My life did indeed become a life full of travels and living in various parts of the world. I recently found some of these drawings and became amazed by, how these simple Children's drawings actually was the story about my life. I even found some details about places, that I at that time, 10 years old, wouldn't have had the slightest knowledge about.

So yes, I did 'illustrate' my life as a vision board, as a child.

I have worked as an architect, Artist and later intuitive counselor.

in 2007 I started to visualize, draw and paint some of my clients lives.

The paintings help them to focus on positive outcomes in their lives and how to fulfill their wishes.

I love to do this work and to see people get happy with their lives!


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