Lisbet Kemp, Architect & Intuitive Artist

It's a great pleasure to invite you into my world of visualized life journeys. I am looking very much forward to look into the mystery and joy of your life path and in collaboration with you create your own very unique artwork depicting your life story, dreams, visions and events.

I am a Danish intuitive counselor, architect and artist and have always, throughout my life, combined these professions and I  LOVE to do so.

I worked as an architect in different countries in Europe until the age of 33. A deep personal experience sparkled my interest in psychology and the way we create and develop our life stories and destiny.

in 2000 I began to work as a intuitive counselor and was so lucky, until today,  to meet more than 3000 people from all parts of the world, who were eager to let me intuitively read their life path, their resources and possibilities in their life.

In 2007 I moved to Washington DC. Here I was inspired and encouraged to paint and illustrate the pictures and scenarios, I see in my mind, while giving an intuitive reading…

I keep developing new illustration methods on my own life journey, which, so far, has taken me to places all over the world such as Afghanistan, the Middle East, Asia, and back to Europe and my home country, Denmark.

Feel free to contact me before you make any decision to buy a painting session and a life journey picture. I will be happy to answer  any questions you might have about the session.

Lisbet Kemp

+45 25546522
Skype: Lisbet.kemp2

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I am a Danish architect, artist and intuitive counselor.

I do intuitive readings and paintings combined, that is, while tuning into people’s lives + talking with them, I do a digital painting that represents their situation, visions, ideas and goals in life. The focus is as well how to use our possibilities and resources the best way. 

I offer various types of paintings, digital as well as color sketches and aquarels, from miniature quick sketches to wall paintings, digital paintings printed as posters or on canvas.
I have participated at various fairs, festivals and exhibitions in Europe as well as the US.
Further I have been the owner of a small art gallery in Tivoli ( Danish amusement Park, Copenhagen,
Denmark) selling my own work as well as doing portraits/ silhouettes.

When I exhibit at fairs and festivals, I offer on-location intuitive readings and paintings, from 30 min. - 1 hour. The client may choose in between a handmade color drawing or a digital painting printed + a pdf file of the painting.

Paticipated at Recent juried Exhibitions

Denmark, Nordsjaelland 2019

San Carlos, Art and Wine Festival 2018




Client Reviews

I wasn’t sure what I was in for when I was given a meeting with Lisbet as a gift from my cousin. However, Lisbet put me at ease right away and explained who she was and how our session would progress.  I then just sat back and became amazed by the information she shared with me. She was able to help me understand events that have already occurred and their significance and deeper meaning.

 She enabled me to understand how I move and work within my life and the lives of my children. Her knowledge and feedback to me about me and those close to me was reassuring when I began to listen to her speak of the future. Her use of symbols, imagery and also detailed descriptions was exciting and empowering.  

I felt that Lisbet was familiar with my past and current worlds, so I have confidence now when using her information about the future to make decisions, take action and generally move forward in a positive and optimistic manner.  It was a lovely, loving, calming experience that I will never forget.

 Karen Blackburn, Grand Marais, Minnesota, april 2019

 I cannot emphasize enough how much I have felt rooted and calm since my last reading with you. You have read for me twice; the first time a year ago and the second time just a few couple of days ago. Each time has built upon the last. Your thoughts about my son - his personality, his desires, hs wants, - were incredibly accurate.  While I know I cannot completely control the events of my life, you have helped me to understand what has happened and why, which gives me the direction I need to move onward. Your input about where I currently am and the guidance you gave me in which direction you see me heading has helped me to take the action I need to move forward in my emotional self. I am now moving with positivity, when before I felt at an impasse. Not only is there a difference in my outlook, but it is such that others around me have commented on the positive change in the projection of myself.  

 With heartfelt gratitude, Christine, Amman, Jordan, april 2019